Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas '09

We had such a great Christmas this year... hope you all did too. It is always so wonderful to spend time with family. Extra fun for us this year since Jared's brother is on his mission we got to talk to him on the phone which Addison loved. Everything Addison opened she said... oh wow I always wanted this... even if she had never seen it before. She got a pink screwdriver (this is what she asked Santa for) from Heather, well an entire pink tool set including a pink hammer and level. Right after she opened it she took it right down stairs and started building a door frame (cause what else would a 3 year old girl build? I mean really?? lol) She also got a kareoke machine... she has not stopped singing. And a lot of other pink things... lol!! She was so much fun this year... and was totally spoiled. But every cute little girl deserves to be spoiled sometimes... right?! :) Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night :) The cake for Santa, Ms Claus and the Reindeer... who knew they loved Strawberry cake to much??

We had to turn on the music so she could sing while taking this picture... lol.

Aunt Tricia and Addison rockin out to Santa Claus is Coming to Town...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Butterfield Christmas Party 2009!!

We had our Butterfield Christmas party last night. It was a hit... Santa and Ms. Claus came and they were just adorable and made the party. Are they not the cutest Santa and Ms Claus you have ever seen?? They told the kids they needed a helper that was very strong.... Addison flexed her muscles and she got to go up and jingle Santa's bells while we sang jingle bells. Hunter got to help be Rudolph. He was a good sport. When Addison sat on Santa's lap she told him she wanted a pink screwdriver (i know weird right?!) and a kareoke machine... lets hope she was a good girl!! :) Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you all have a good one!!! :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

My cute little Addison....

So some of you have already heard this... but I just have to tell ya!! Ever since my brother had his baby and Jared's sister had hers Addison has been walking around telling people of her brother and sister up in heaven that are waiting to come down. First it started as just a brother... then it turned into a brother and sister. She will tell anyone. It is sometimes embarrassing. Anyway she just gets so excited. She will even tell me how much she misses them and how much they miss her (I know sad huh?!)Well a couple weeks ago she informed me that we needed to get another crib because the brother and sister were coming down together. Ahhhhh... right?! I mean I know she is only 3 but still. But again it has changed... a couple nights ago she told me that we no longer have a brother... only a sister cause the brother had to go to another family. (Jesus called him and told him he had to go to another And just now she told me that her sister already went down the slide from heaven and is in my tummy. LOL! (and no I am not announcing... no baby here!!! :) ) And yes that is how babies get in their mommies tummies... they go down a big slide. haha! I just love her imagination.... she is crazy and I just love her to pieces... my life would be so boring with out her!!!! and even if it isn't her imagination and some sort of inspiration.... be are gonna believe she is making it up :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Disney Princesses on Ice...

Today I was lucky enough to go to Disney on Ice Classic Princess with the most special, beautiful Princesses.... Addison, Shae and Emma. It was seriously the best day I have had in a long time. Is it just me or is something just magical about the disney stories? I have never seen addison so entertained. When the gate opened up so you could see the Castle Addison stared in amazement. It was an awesome experience... Thanks mom for taking us. Addison did fall asleep for the ending... poor little girl was exhausted. After that we took to princesses to The Garden for lunch. They were to excited to see the Temple. I am so glad i have these special princesses in my life!!! (one of my other favorite princesses, Sloane, was there too but my pics didn't turn out. So more pics to come...)

Sunday, November 8, 2009


So... Addison has a new puppy! I know I am crazy... I don't even like dogs!!!!! But Bella is pretty cute. Addison loves her and Bella follows her everywhere... and if Bella isn't following Addison, Addison is following her! So hopefully I don't regret this decision... but Jared and Addison love her... K I love her too :). (sorry for the bad pics they were taken on my phone)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall photo shoot...

I decided that since Jared's mom spent so much time making this beautiful halloween costume we should go get some pics taken. It was so much fun in all the leaves (as you can Thanks Mitch!!!!

And while we were there... we had to take reg pics too of course. Murray Park is seriously so pretty in the fall... love it!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ward Party!!

Tonight was our ward party. It was so fun. So glad Addison has her BFF in our ward. Are they not the cutest mid evil princess and butterfly?? precious!!! :)

And here is my over dramatic Mid Evil Princess... :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Addison's first fish!!

Jared took Addison camping this weekend and she caught her first fish... 2 actually. Jared through out the line and she brought both fish in all by herself. My little girl is so big!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009


So... last night Addison woke up at like midnight with a bad dream... she was then awake until 4. Please tell me she is not the only one to do this. We struggle with sleeping. Anyway Jared is out of town so i just let her come to bed with me and turned on Noggin... i was in and out of sleeping... bad idea... i woke up to this. I was freaking out. Since she was up literally all night i didn't even have time to give her a bath before work... so my fabulous aunt who watches addison on Mondays helped scrub her down. i got a text from her a few hours later saying that she got the first layer off!! Kill me now!!!! lol... the bath water was purple there was so much pen on her. I think we have it mostly off now... after i let her soak in the tub for almost a half hour and then major scrubbing. But now i must admit it is pretty funny... now that it is off!!! Love that she keeps me on my toes... wouldn't have it any other way!!!

A few more school pics...

So Addison is LOVING school. In fact after the 2nd day of preschool she informed me that she needed a mini fridge to go to college. She is too funny. Glad she loves it though!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Addison's first day of school!! (and her room)

Seriously?! Can my little girl be old enough for pre-school??? She was so excited she had to call all these people in the morning to tell them she was going to pre school today. And she kept telling me... mom you can't come with me. This I have heard for the last 3 months... lol. When i pulled into the driveway she unbuckled and said... k mom bye. I had to convince her that i needed to come with her. She had so much fun. Miss LaDawn made bags for all of them and they even had homework... she says although i am not quite sure what it is. It is so fun to start this new exciting time of her life!!! She is getting so big!

Also... I have been telling Jen I would put pics up of her room... it is still not totally done... but close. My FABULOUS neighbor helped me with all this. She is just pretty amazing :). It was so much fun and so happy to finally have her room basically put together!!!

This is a window from the house my dad grew up in... now my bow holder!!! :) This picture does not do it justice.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Addison's Birthday!

Addison turns 3 tomorrow!! Is it just me or did that go way fast??? Here are some pics of her bday party on the Perkins side (Selman side to come...) She is def spoiled!! Thanks everyone that came.

She was so excited for all her gifts... this is the make up she got... cute!! (and a tad messy :) )

So Mitch isn't very excited about this photo... but come on doesn't Ryder look adorable... lol!! Even tho Ryder doesn't have older sisters like Mitch does Ryder may still get dressed up a little bit. haha!!