Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So i have started wondering lately where my little girl went!! All of a sudden Addison seems so big. It is kinda sad...I asked her if she could please stop growing and she told me no... how rude is that?! She was in her first Primary program... she was so excited to talk in the microphone. we practiced her part (Heavenly Father Sent us to Earth) over and over again. As we were practicing she asked me if everyone got to stand at the microphone to sing. I told her no, everyone just stands up to sing. I saw a little twinkle in her eye and she said... "mom I have an idea... maybe i can stand and sing at the microphone and everyone else can just stand!" hahaha!!! I warned her that probably wasn't a possibility :) Although she was so excited to talk (or sing) in the microphone... she said nothing when it was time for her part. She later told me there were just too many people. Maybe if she was going up to sing... and had 100 back up singers she wouldn't have been so scared :) Love this girl!!!

This photos were, of course, done by my fantastic bro... check him out
And these cute hats?! from my cousin...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

For my Grandpa...

Three months after my sweet Grandma died, My wonderful, adorable Grandpa joined her. I knew that this was coming, in fact he has been so sick the past couple years that we have been expecting him to go at any time. although it is a pure blessing that he is out of pain and even more that he is with my grandma again... i will miss him desperately!! He was just one of those sweet grandpas that adopted grandkids wherever he went. He knew my friends, and asked about them. He even was out there lookin for a husband for some of them :) He had the kindest heart. He ALWAYS made me feel so special, if I was having a bad day... i knew I could call my grandma and grandpa and they would help me feel better. No matter what i knew he loved me... and would do anything in the world for me and for me to be happy. He got really close to Addison the past couple months... he LOVED her and she LOVED him. They would just tease eachother all the time. He is the one that introduced snowmobiling to our family... LOVE it! i have so many memories of going up to Diamond Field Jack to jump on the sleds... if we were lucky we got to ride with him and we would sing all the way up the canyon... my favorites were You are my sunshine and Skeeters and the Bedbugs... lol... we would sing those songs over and over! My Grandpa taught me so much... he even taught me how to Waltz... how cute is that?! He was such an amazing example of service; He was always serving his family, friends, even strangers. I am so gratefeul that I had him in my life... I am so grateful and honored to be able to call him my Grandpa!!!! So... Grandpa... I love you so much... I will miss you more than words can express... I will miss our talks even our political ones (even though I don't know much about that stuff... it was always so fun to listen to you go off about it :) ) I will miss your hugs and your amazing stories... I am so happy to know you are with grandma... probably dancing :) Give her a big hug for me...I know you both will be lookin out for all us. You will forever be in my heart... and I will forever be your Kimmy Kae! Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Addison's Birthday!!!

Addison had the FUNNEST birthday this year. Who knew turning 4 would be so awesome?! We had the cutest girls over and had the best tea party... thanks for everyone who came... and everyone that helped. It was one awesome day! (and totally worth all the work :) )