Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So last weekend my family all went to Colorado for the Airforce game. It was a LONG drive but it was really fun. Addison loved and cheered almost the whole time (when she wasn't taking a nap :) ) Addison loves being a cheerleader so she was excited to take her picture with one... however Cosmo she would have nothing to do with. And good thing we won after our 9 hr drive!!! So good luck to BYU on Saturday!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Happiest Place on Earth!!!

We just got back from our first big family vacation. We went to Disneyland and on a cruise... so much fun!!! So here are a lot of pictures. We had such a great time... especially in Disneyland! Addison loved the teacups and playhouse disney probably the best... and is fascinated with Tinkerbell. For the cruise we went to Catalina Island and Mexico (or Mekiso as Addison calls it) It was a lot of fun. While we were in California we went and saw Aunt Ellen and Cousin Claire (and the rest of their family too :) ) Addison and Hailey became very good friends really quick... hopefully they will get to see each other again soon. Oh and here are some pics from Halloween... Addison was a pixie.