Sunday, January 31, 2010

GO COUGARS... (again :) )

Jared decided to take us to the BYU vs Utah game in Provo last night. Addison has been asking to go to a Jazz game... this was the next best thing :) (Addison called it the WE-BY-U Jazz game). We had a lot of fun. The Cougars played awesome... and there was even some excitment. Loved the Pink shoes... I think they should keep them!! I must say that basketball is way more up my alley than football. Maybe cause its only 2 hours and its inside :) Addison is a born cheer leader. Her and jared sing the cougar fight song almost everyday. She was standing on Jared's shoulders singing it. It was so fun!! When we came out of the stadium.... after the awesome win... it was snowing- which made Addison even more excited!! It was a great family night!!!!

This is how my grumpy girl started the game... I was a little worried... but she got pretty excited when she got to start cheering. I totally have a drama queen on my hands!!