Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Camping!!!

Every year Jared's friends from high school get together to go camping over Memorial Day... the past few years we haven't gone but we finally went again this year. Addison was SO excited. It rained the WHOLE time. It was seriously a muddy mess. All the moms and kids went to Gunnison to go swimming and get cleaned up a little bit. The guys all went four wheeling/ dirt biking. I have never seen so much mud on one person....

MUDDY right?! And yes Jared and Marshall are holding hands... should i be worried?!? ha ha

This is Kaden after swimming on the way back up the mountain.... i just thought it was the funniest picture i had to put it in... he is so cute!!!

All of these kids are just our group.... and this isn't even showing all of them. Addison had so much fun. I think most of them are actually her age.

It was really fun... but i vote a warmer weekend next year... :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Addison and Jayson

Addison had her friend Jayson come over to play... Ok really so Tiff, Jen and I could have an American Idol party (P.S. GO KRIS!!!) Anyway they were so stinkin cute together... When we were getting ready addison kept saying... I am putting this outfit on for Jayson... I am getting my hair done for Jayson... when we hear a ding dong that is Jayson. I am a little worried.... could she be this boy crazy already?!?! Ha ha!! They had so much fun playing house, dancing and looking at the stars... :) We had fun... Jayson come play again SOON!!!