Sunday, January 18, 2009

A lot to catch up on!!!

So obviously i have not updated in a while... so here we go are you all ready?! First off like most 2 yr olds i am sure... Addison loves to hide. Everytime she hears the garage door opens she runs and hides from whoever is coming home. this is her new favorite spot... and Jared could not find her!!! ha ha isn't she just so tricky!! :)

Santa took Addison's diapers back to the North Pole with him since she is a big girl now... can we say FABULOUS!!!! Thanks to Heather and Teryl that she is not bored on the potty i guess!!

We had a great Christmas. Addison was so excited to get the pink kitchen she has been wanting. It was so fun to get together with family. Although it is a month late... because i am the biggest slacker ever.... We hope everyone had a great Christmas!! (Please don't mind the morning hair in these pics!! :) )

Thursday, January 15, 2009

For Jen and Dana!!

Girls... I realize I am a slacker... however I can not find the cord to my camera... thus no update for a while. I apologize and I still love you tons!!! Please forgive me and I will update soon... Promise!!!