Monday, August 24, 2009


So... last night Addison woke up at like midnight with a bad dream... she was then awake until 4. Please tell me she is not the only one to do this. We struggle with sleeping. Anyway Jared is out of town so i just let her come to bed with me and turned on Noggin... i was in and out of sleeping... bad idea... i woke up to this. I was freaking out. Since she was up literally all night i didn't even have time to give her a bath before work... so my fabulous aunt who watches addison on Mondays helped scrub her down. i got a text from her a few hours later saying that she got the first layer off!! Kill me now!!!! lol... the bath water was purple there was so much pen on her. I think we have it mostly off now... after i let her soak in the tub for almost a half hour and then major scrubbing. But now i must admit it is pretty funny... now that it is off!!! Love that she keeps me on my toes... wouldn't have it any other way!!!

A few more school pics...

So Addison is LOVING school. In fact after the 2nd day of preschool she informed me that she needed a mini fridge to go to college. She is too funny. Glad she loves it though!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Addison's first day of school!! (and her room)

Seriously?! Can my little girl be old enough for pre-school??? She was so excited she had to call all these people in the morning to tell them she was going to pre school today. And she kept telling me... mom you can't come with me. This I have heard for the last 3 months... lol. When i pulled into the driveway she unbuckled and said... k mom bye. I had to convince her that i needed to come with her. She had so much fun. Miss LaDawn made bags for all of them and they even had homework... she says although i am not quite sure what it is. It is so fun to start this new exciting time of her life!!! She is getting so big!

Also... I have been telling Jen I would put pics up of her room... it is still not totally done... but close. My FABULOUS neighbor helped me with all this. She is just pretty amazing :). It was so much fun and so happy to finally have her room basically put together!!!

This is a window from the house my dad grew up in... now my bow holder!!! :) This picture does not do it justice.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Addison's Birthday!

Addison turns 3 tomorrow!! Is it just me or did that go way fast??? Here are some pics of her bday party on the Perkins side (Selman side to come...) She is def spoiled!! Thanks everyone that came.

She was so excited for all her gifts... this is the make up she got... cute!! (and a tad messy :) )

So Mitch isn't very excited about this photo... but come on doesn't Ryder look adorable... lol!! Even tho Ryder doesn't have older sisters like Mitch does Ryder may still get dressed up a little bit. haha!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

More pics with cousins...

I don't think I have ever done this many posts so close together.... sorry y'all!!! We did a little photo shoot with the Selman cousins... how cute are they?? It was definately a trick with a 3 yr old, 2yr old, 1 yr old and a 2 month old. lol... this firsst pic is about how crazy it got. I think we were all sweating (or at least I was) from all the running and jumping to try and get the girls to smile. We got some cute ones tho!!! (We had them taken at Sears... it was the best photo shoot that we have ever had when taking them to a place to get them done... highly recommend it!! :) )

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our trip to the Zoo....

So Jared's sister Tiffany is in town... we love it when they come. It is so much fun and Addison loves to see her cousins (or sisters as she calls them). Yesterday the girls... including addison and jane went and got pedicures.... FABULOUS!!! And today we all took a trip to the Zoo. The girls had a blast. We sure wish that Tiffany lived closer but the visits are so much fun!!!

Lucy is such a cutie... Addison loves her!!

We could only get the girls to do silly faces... but hey at least we got a pic i guess.... Jane and Addison have so much fun together.

Charlie's first trip to the zoo.... Isn't she just the cutest???